Why self-identifying feminists need to care about Tomi Lahren’s unfair treatment by mainstream media.


Tomi Lahren, our (favorite?) political commentator, has been given a temporary boot from her talk show, Final Thoughts, hosted by the conservative media outlet The Blaze. For what? Did she speak against the president’s travel ban? The healthcare bill? The issue with transgender bathrooms in schools? No. She stated that the government has no place regulating a woman’s body (or guns), and therefore she identifies as pro-choice. Slews of tweets, DMs, and emails from right-leaning viewers flooded into Lahren’s personal accounts, claiming that she was catering to the liberal ideologies of The View and their followers. All of this media hullabaloo has resulted in a suspension of her show, and both sides have plenty to say about it. Here are my “final thoughts” on the matter, so to speak, as to why us feminists need to speak out about this blatant hypocrisy.

Just kidding. I don’t give a fuck. That bitch got what she deserved. I hope I never see her loud, hateful ass on my feed ever again. Go have a seat with fellow snowflake Milo Yanninazipolos. Also, anything that you read in the caption to get you to read this article is complete bullshit.

27 thoughts on “Why self-identifying feminists need to care about Tomi Lahren’s unfair treatment by mainstream media.

  1. Ok fine you got me bitch 😂

    Cause all this week with her being suspended and all the crap with the GOP, and the supremacist church burning down, I’ve been sipping tea and just saying “God is good, God is great”

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  2. Who wrote this!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you would say something like this about such a lovely…….. nawww I’m kidding I hate this bitch as well . It was a long time coming.


  3. 😂😂😂😂 I L O V E this! I almost scrolled on by but I’m glad I didn’t! I’m glad the birch is shirt down too, I’m glad to see we DONT GIVE A FUCK, COLLECTIVELY!


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